Monday, November 30, 2009

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a Mom. I imagined sweet babies with big eyes peeking out behind warm blankies. They would sleep in soft beds and I'd rock them with lullabies - it would be nice. They'd rarely fuss in my imagination of the future, and my friends would all come over with their equally quiet and sweet babies and we'd talk about how wonderful our children were.
I think its interesting that I never imagined being a mom to anything other than a baby. I never played with a toddler-sized baby doll that threw fits in grocery stores. I never had a preschooler dolly with a mouth full of cavities. My doll never needed 24 healthy, individually wrapped snacks for her preschool class. My doll didn't change from baby to big girl over night leaving me wondering "where has the time gone?"
This is one of the many realities of life - It is not as you planned. It is not what I planned anyway. It is not big eyes from warm blankets...except for a fleeting few minutes that are gone before you realize they were here.
It is not a "bad" different, please don't hear me saying that. It is just different. Very...very...different.

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jody said...

well, isn't that the truth. :-)
loved this.