Sunday, October 18, 2009

Julia spent the weekend lamenting the fact that she can never again get back in my 'tummy'. She loves to be close, like share-the-same-pillow-all-night-with-her-hands-on-my-neck-and-her-feet-on-B's-back close. She was happy as a clam when I bundled her up "like a baby" and rocked her for a good hour until she fell asleep in my arms. I was happy, too.
C, on the other hand, is Miss Independent and Inquisitive. She dreamt up an art/food project that involved a flat surface of ice cream and sprinkles. She was positive it would be "beautiful" and after the third time of her explaining her vision to me, I decided to support her artistic endeavors and picked up a $1 tiny carton of vanilla.
Art comes in many forms of course, and last night as I was looking on Wikipedia for a reference on David (Old Testament, not the statue) C - who was uncharacteristically cuddled up beside me in bed - spotted an image of the statue of David. This artistic masterpiece grabbed her eye and before I could scroll away she asked "What's that!?!" I answered calmly, "A statue". "NO! What's that!?!" she asked pointing directly at David's 'bottom' as we say around these parts. Awe, childhood, so inquisitive and so good at making Mom and Dad terribly uncomfortable.


Anna said...

haha i love that carolyn came up with the icecream/sprinkles idea & was so adamant about it. she is so cute & brilliant!

Kari said...

Ah, good times. Your kids are so much fun! I support Carolyn's excitement about the ice cream ... I frequently buy the little Ben & Jerry's like that (cookie dough, cookies & cream, and fudge brownie. mmmmmm)