Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On Saturday morning in Madison my early risers had the apartment buzzing by 6:45. My brother and the handsome one were out cold in the living room, so the girls and I dressed quickly and walked up the long street to the capital where the Farmer's Market (the largest in the country) was being held. The girls selected enormous donuts and juice for breakfast and we sat around feeling all European with the ornate capital in our periphery (at least, we supposed this would be what it was like to walk to a market in Europe and eat pastries on a dewy morning - though the enormity of the 'pastries' was all-together an American thing!). Several passers-by made comments about the girls selections, saying things like "My, my that donut is as big as you are!" Of course I had to wonder if that was more a comment directed at me as though to say "Good Lord women - if that's how you feed your child in public I can't imagine what you let her eat in private!" And honestly it's a valid concern because let's just say my girls love brown sugar by the spoonful among other delicacies.


Kari said...

That's funny ... I was just telling my husband the other day how my grandma would let me eat (at least) one teaspoon of brown sugar every time we baked cookies. Couple that with the amount of dough I consumed and well, I'm American too!

Anna Ander said...

Haha, you're right there's nothing European about the size of that donut! But it looks delicious, so never mind. My kids eat ridiculous amounts of sugar whenever they can, but they seem ok anyway.

Thank you so much for your lovely e-mail, I was so happy to read your kind words about my Grandfather's passing. And maybe I'll just keep on with the Little House books, even though Wilhelm protests!

Hope to talk to you again!


nifer said...

You always have beautiful, simple pictures of you and your children! I'm so jealous.

I love early rising and getting out... the world is so different at that hour! Too bad I'm such a night owl that if I rise before 7am, I'm to dead to enjoy it!

Looks like you're having a great trip!

~ Jen

Melody Milbrandt said...

This shot of you three is perfect - absolutely perfect. Your hubby's heart must just swell every time he looks at it - well up with love, for the three beautiful angels God has graced him with. Wow!