Monday, September 28, 2009

Once upon a time I went to a specialty toy store over lunch to find a Calico Critter, partially because they are so cute and partially to remind my daughters that they are way cooler than the Barbies they had previously had their eyes on. Upon spotting said Critters I spent entirely too much time in wonder at their adorable critterness. I tilted my head this-way-and-that as I pondered which Critter should have the honor of being our first. Would it be the sheep family, my very favorite. The rabbit family with the easy-to-grip ears, or the adorable pandas. At last I remembered Carolyn's affinity for dalmations and decided the dalmation family was the winner. And what for little Jules? How could I satisfy her love of babies and their care with such sweet Critters? Ah yes, the mother and her twins with matching baby buggy. And of course the carrying case to keep all the Critters safe and put away, not-to-mention travel-friendly. To top it all off the clerk mentioned that this specialty toy store was so specialty that it would wrap all of these inaguaral Critters free-of-charge - making my Monday night arrival from work one of the most memorable ever. There was much squeeling and smiling and hugging and happy happying.


Kari said...

Happy Happying! I love it! Priceless photos you've got here. And cute critters. Way to go.

Anna said...

i love those!! carolyn cracks me up. & of course i love that julia has a tiara on--typical monday night. ; )

Stacy said...

Too precious. :)