Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On Saturday, in between the stressful studying and show-stopping dance performances, we made Pinkalicious cupcakes. C stirred, J mixed...then J mixed and C stirred. Then they licked every beater and spatula around, then the bowl, then their fingers. After 'forever' (said with emphasis and a bit of a whine...which is just the way I heard it) they iced and sprinkled. Placed nicely on the plate in a lovely circle they were left to be enjoyed post-performance on the counter, far from the reach of any little fingers or paws...or so we thought.
When we got home I heard the handsome one call to me from the kitchen, "Hey Katie!?! Did you guys eat some of these cupcakes before we left?" "No!" I frantically replied as I walked into the kitchen. And apparently by 'eat' he meant lick the tops off of, and/or turn over with paper-half missing before we left?
Which left me seriously wondering two things: 1. How did the dog manage the jump from the table to the counter, impressive!?! 2. How much more 'ravaged' did the cupcakes have to look before I was no longer a suspect!?! Just curious.

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Brooks said...

that dog is amazing! lol
i think we'll have to make some pinkalicious cupcakes, too. the kids love that book and ALWAYS ask for a cupcake after reading it. ;)