Thursday, August 20, 2009

The house only gets cleaned once a month. We've canceled the cable to help pay off the car more quickly, but the cleaning lady STAYS (its a great deal, don't judge). So every third Wednesday night of the month I make a mad dash to pick up the house, you know, to get it presentable for the cleaning lady (bless her heart) which leads to every third Thursday of the month arriving home from work to a sparkling clean house. Which, therefore, leads to Thursday evenings spent mostly in the car driving around town to avoid the inevitable messing up of the briefly clean house. It is the best day of my month by far, God bless Miss Donna and her incredible cleaning skills.

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Matt and Jodi said...

I love it that you gave up cable but kept the cleaning lady! Totally understand! We are getting ready to cancel cable. I am going to miss DVR badly!