Monday, August 17, 2009

A friend came over for dinner tonight. The large canvas print of C on the wall is of a sad-face and he asked how we got her to do that. We explained that she can make any face you can imagine and so he began, "Show me a happy face, a sad face, an angry face, a suprised face..." I would say its one of her favorite things to do, making faces that is, next to climbing doorways and the outside of staircases like a spider monkey - and belting out impromptu songs regarding whatever is on her heart at the moment (usually princesses). Of course J has a whole repertoire of faces as well, and the freshly cut bangs add a whole new dimension to the look, wouldn't you say?


Kari said...

Seriously. They're PRECIOUS! (I've said it before.)

Helen McGinn said...

They really, really are! x

Katie said...

Thanks ladies - nothing makes a mom happier than having someone say something nice about her children!