Sunday, May 3, 2009

What!?! No pictures of the game - well really there wasn't much to see. My girly is getting a bit warn out, and has taken to chasing the bigger children around at a safe distance to avoid elbows and sharp kicks. We aren't giving up on her, because she's got amazing spirit, but another year (and hopefully several more inches) will do her well. The highlight for her at this point is the spectators. And this game in particular packed a spectator punch, three grandpas, two grandmas, two parents, one sister and two very good friends (that makes 10!) At the only point in the game in which fate brought the ball right before her little size 8 cleat she was so overwhelmed with excitement she stopped to look up at the crowd and give a thumbs up before she went to kick that ball that had long since moved on to a quicker, less crowd-friendly player. It kept us entertained, so we were happy. Grandpa even got to participate in the parent 'tunnel' at the end which seemed to amuse him and her.

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