Monday, May 25, 2009

We took roses to Grandma's grave today. The girls and I made tags to put on each rose, maybe it seems weird, but it was therapeutic for me (don't judge). I 'laminated' them with packing tape (an old trick I devised back in junior high when I wanted to laminate the world). There was a substantial pile of flowers gathering by 9:30 this morning, which made me smile because I know that would make Grandma happy, to be remembered and cared for and loved. The girls frolicked as reverently as you can expect two preschoolers to do, and I knew that would make Grandma happy, too. I wish like crazy she could see them growing. Hear Julia talk, see Carolyn's toddlerhood fading away into a 'big girl' look that is stunning (at least she would think so). Perhaps she has the best seats in the house, perhaps she sneaks a peak every night while they sleep (when they look the most angelic). x

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