Sunday, May 24, 2009

I guess the lack of a/c mixed with the early morning sun told the girls that it was time to rise and shine at 6:30 this morning. They 'shone' in the living room as they lined every doll they own on the couch, perhaps to play school or doctor or princess - the top three as of late (with 'doctor getting baby out of tummies' being #1 by far). Princess was probably the game of the day, as every ball gown in the house is strewn at this very minute around my living room.
My handsome (you like that nickname? I think it's kind of sweet) and I were in a summer dessert mode and made homemade ice cream sandwiches (huge bust) and homemade strawberry ice cream (huge hit). I used the recipe my Grandma wrote out for me last summer, her homemade ice cream always amazed me, and I added macerated strawberries (which sound like berries tortured in indescribably ways, but in fact just means I cut them up and put sugar over them to sit for a day in the fridge).
The ice cream was too good not to share, so we took a small container over to my Grandpa. Julia made him laugh, but the verdict is still out on the ice cream.


Ross Christopher said...

i like your "handsome." very indicative.

Kari said...

It's so hot at your house even the dolls don't wear clothes? :) Not as hot here, but our a/c doesn't go on until the LAST possible second either.

Homemade ice cream is yummmmy, we did that last summer!