Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Waiting for mom to come home they sit on the kitchen table (not at) and feast on strawberries and pickles...strange combo. C has dressed herself up in a new swimming suit. At dinner two nights ago she said "Some people call this a swimming suit, but I call it a little girl bra" - hmmm. Julia happily munches pickles and pickle juice in a floral purple number I picked up at Target for $10 last year. Much earlier that morning she had on stripes, I ate my breakfast. She asked "Mommy!?! What's on your shirt!?!" "Stripes" I replied to which she looked down at her own striped shirt with a smirk and replied "Yeah, my shirt has stripes, too, we match!" As they sit at the table the afternoon light beams and they wait for the garage door to sound the alarm that Mom is home. Sometimes they run to hide and giggle as I search them out, sometimes they throw open the door before I can grab the doorknob, today the strawberries had them and they sat with their eyes fixed on the door - which when opened signaled the shouts "Mommy!" And then Jules "You all done working!?!"

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