Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesdays are my favorite day lately. It is my day off, and without everyone else in the world being off work, as is the case on the weekends, I generally have no obligations to anyone except my two blondies. Today went a little something like this: bake cookies for Thursday's school program, take cereal requests, package cookies, deliver cereal per requests to two hungry mouths, select outrageous and stylish outfit for preschool, deliver cookies and princess to school, drive to dreaded dentist appointment, without the ability to defend myself because her hands were in my mouth I listened to what horrible damage my poor dental habits are doing to my body, reviewed x-ray results that indicated I have abnormally huge sinuses (who knew?), return home to cuddle with Jules for a while, off to pick up Miss C, first Mommy Date of the day is embarked upon, lunch (her choice) of Auntie Anne's followed by the purchase of several summer dresses at Old Navy to make life easy, home for naps, nap with Julia (highlight of my week, love a good siesta), next Mommy Date starts, drive Jules around for fifteen minutes asking "Where do you want to go" to which she replies "Mommy Date!", finally I choose HyVee, sitting down to salad bar salad and chinese for the little she asks "Is this 'Mommy Date'?" to which I say "Yes" to which she looks around and says "Wow", allow the selection of candy for her and her two closest chums (B and C), home again gone again, off to yoga sweat, sweat, sweat and more sweat, some pain, and more sweat, home for the last time, read Time for Bed, read Caps for Sale, read Princess Devotional, read Farmer Boy, blog, shower (yikes), sleep.
[No new pictures but if you head over to my sister-in-law's blog you can see a funny Julia video and some cute pictures].

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