Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When I arrived home from work tonight I had this rare surge of energy that beckoned me to clean out closets, organize forgotten drawers, wash sheets, and other craziness. I decided to channel said energy to the kitchen where I prepared three meals for future use and baked two cakes. I wish I felt like this every night after a long day at work...especially for the sheets' sake. Perhaps it was the Hot Yoga that rid my body of countless toxins. Or perhaps it was the detox tea I sipped on as I stared down spreadsheets. Or perhaps it was the sheer joy I was experiencing over Julia's new potty training madness (and I'm serious about the 'mad' part, she is at the moment caught in an angry confusion in which she wants terribly to be a big girl but is having a hard time just 'letting go' if you catch my drift - pray for her, there are lots of tears). Whatever it was I am feeling very satisfied with a productive evening, and was even more excited to find my cousin's wedding pictures finally posted and all very beautiful. In keeping with the photographer's apparent desire to keep the images under digital lock-and-key I will simply provide you with this link...enjoy.

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