Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today was the first Parent-Teacher Conference we've ever had as parents. In honor of such a momentous occasion we planned a Family Day.
We began the morning at Carolyn's school, receiving her 'report card' and sitting in a room of six teachers to hear how our daughter has progressed this year. Turns out she has progressed very well and after we left Brandon said "It would have seemed more realistic if they would have pointed out at least one bad thing to work on." I guess that's a good thing.
Off to the X-Treme screen at Union Station in downtown. The title of the movie was Dolphins and Whales but clearly I had not thought through the five-story-tall, 3-D images of humpback whales six inches from a two-year-old's face. As soon as the first whale fin came a-slapping I had two little girls arms wrapped tightly around my neck. 45-minutes later, after looking a manatee right in the eye ball Julia climbed down from her chair and said "Good movie Mommy!?!" As though she was unsure if she loved it or hated it.
We crossed the walking bridge from Union Station to Crown Center and dined at Fritz's where the food is brought to your table by a train car. Following an uneventful lunch we let them pick a few items at the candy store, and then headed back to home - and to naps - and dreams of five-story tall humpback whales.

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Laura said...

Hi Kate, just wanted to say hello! I just peeked around your site, those princess party invites were so very cute! Laura from baroquebabies