Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am feeling very tired as I post this, so forgive me if I nod off, or slur my words a bit...
Today was Carolyn's second and third games (a double-header, this is intense)
I think I prefer the fountain on top look to the two ponytails on either side, that is completely unrelated to soccer, however for a girl like Carolyn it's important. And doesn't she just look beautiful in this picture, I may be tired but I can still be judicious. (Look at me and the over-sized late-night words, and I had to squint while I confirmed the meaning through google because I just rubbed my eyes with hands that just cut onion...ouch)
By the second half of her second game her Grandpa Jim challenged her to kick the ball five times (she played two entire games with no subs, she was getting a bit tired). Here she is running down the field holding up three fingers for her Grandpa to be sure he was keeping count.
I saw this picture tonight on my screen and almost fell out of my chair - if there was ever a moment when this girl looked like her father it is this. Wow she is a little Brandon! Yikes I don't know what it is but I am sitting here staring ... still staring...and we're moving on.
the end.
Sorry people, this is one double-header, Easter-preparer, very tired Mommy.

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Julie said...

those a great pictures...i love your beautiful little girl