Friday, April 10, 2009

For Good Friday at our house this year, we hosted several of our friends for dinner and a Tenebrae. Our pastor had put together a booklet that broke the story of the crucifixion down into nine sections based on a section in the book of Luke paraphrased for children. We had nine candles lit in the middle of the room, then each adult took one of the readings. As a reading was finished a candle was extinguished until the burial of Jesus in the tomb when the last candle went out.
The kids did fairly well, though the girls were decked out in princess gear by that point, and the little boys were wondering what-on-Earth to do with themselves in such a girly house. The children took turns extinguishing the candles, which went surprisingly well - after Julia stopped attempting to start a rousing 'Happy Birthday' from the crowd. Carolyn and one of her best friends, Landry, each offered a prayer (which cracked me up, "God, thank you for our food, amen" from both of them...there was no food at this point).
Truly though, this was a holy moment. Not only did we model for our children the importance of remembering and honoring the sacrifice of Christ on the cross - we as parents had the opportunity to reflect on the 'dark hour' Christ endured. Easter is all the more joyful when the bleak reality of the cross is first appreciated.

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