Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Many-a-day is spent with Daddy, while Mommy is away doing her 'engineer' gig. Upon my return in the evenings the day's activities are re-enacted by Carolyn (much thanks to her acting class for the recent addition of theatrics and intonation), then retold in one-or-two word phrases by Jules "Fall down!" "Miles bad dog". And then we gather around the glow of B's computer and watch it all happen again, before our eyes. In beautiful color and with some mad photo skills, the day unfolds. Then Mommy shatters the fun, "Where did you find the poodle costume? I had that put away someplace high and safe from little's not for playing!?!" Three guilty faces just stare, two of which are looking up at their daddy with the puppy dog eyes they've been practicing all day long.

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