Sunday, March 15, 2009

It was a day of books - literature for both littles and bigs - given out of kindness, thoughtfulness, and understanding of our interests around this Party of Four. This morning my sweet friend Becky brought two packages to church for me to unwrap containing i love dirt and the creative family. I can't wait to explore the crafts and other activities these suggest to do with children. Then off to my Aunts' house for the last of the birthday hurrahs. Perfect books were presented yet again, this time if you give a cat a cupcake and big words for little people. We've read them through twice and we've owned them for three hours...I think they're a hit! And thanks to her awesome book selection skills, and her willingness to produce 'cheese' 'cookies' and 'popcorn' on demand - Suzanne is now one of Julia's favorite people, as she called her on her fake cell phone when we got home just to say "Hi Suzanne! Hi Suzanne! Ok...Bye Suzanne!" before bed.

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