Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm getting away for a while. Thirty-six hours of solitude, at a retreat center 'kinda far away' as I told the girls. I look for this to be a time to get quiet in my soul and listen. Not sure what I'll hear, I'm trying to go with no expectations (and that's incredibly hard for this over-achiever).
Before I make my escape, I thought you should know the burden of leaving my handsome B and sweet C & J without a thing to eat finally pushed me to overcome my new grocery store fear. Surprisingly I was able to use the few skills I've acquired of late to fill the fridge - with $4.00 to spare in our weekly budget! And (this is the big deal part, so act excited) I attempted CVS for the third time and purchased three 12-can cases of Coke, a package of Pampers for J, and two trial sized Act mouth washes all for $19 but I got $7 back - so it was like spending $12 and that makes me very happy.

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