Sunday, March 8, 2009

I spent the weekend in a monastary in northern Missouri. In the mornings I listened to the monks recite their daily prayers in the gorgeous Abby. I spent the afternoon in complete silence wondering what all the hype is about this solitude thing. Then, when my soul settled and all the *hurry* in my head finally backed off, I kind of started to get it. And started to connect with God in the 'sanctuary' that is 'quiet'.
I am so thankful that my sweet husband encouraged me to carve out this time...even when our little J was puking her guts out, having blow-out fire-diaper-rash-inducing diapers twice an hour, and soiling every piece of fabric in our house. He reassured me he could handle it, and as it turns out - he could.


Kari said...

Wow, so... as it goes in the blogging world, I randomly found you through a blog of a blog of a blog and was intrigued by your hilarity, your girls and all that is your world. Is that weird? I hope not. Just in case you were wondering, it would take you an estimated 6-8 hours (interuppted by bottles and diaper changes, dinner and letting dogs out) to read through every last one of your blog posts. I was immediately sucked in and at the risk of sounding like I neglected my husband and daughter for the last day and a half, I'd like you to know I really did read everything and I was drawn to start at the beginning. I would like to assure you I am a normal (which probably makes me sound like a lunatic), well, mostly normal, new mom of a beautiful 6 month old girl, Mallory. Your girls are adorable and as my husband has said since before we married 5 years ago that he is doomed (read: destined) to be a father to all girls, I couldn't help reading some of your "daughter quotes" to him out loud. Or rather he kept asking what I was laughing at. So, now that I feel like we're friends (creepy, I know) I figured it's only fair to share our blog with you. Be warned, it is not nearly as entertaining as yours and is not updated as often (though you have inspired me to figure that out...80+ posts in one month!), but I do love doing it. Oh...and we're in Wisconsin, so I was totally excited when I found out (what? a couple years ago?) that your brother would be attending UW Madison....though, this house is filled with Ohio State fans. Don't ask. Okay, no worries, you've got in your dose of weirdness today!! Check us

Hope to chat soon... Kari Kane :)

P.S. I bookmarked 14 sites to browse thanks to you! As if I need to spend anymore time on the internet...

Jill said...

You touch many