Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So how do you feel about chores? I don't really know what to think of them. As a kid my mom was not-so-much a fan of delegating the laundry or deep cleaning to her less-than-interested offspring. Now I wonder if in fact these little children running under my feet as I prepare dinner might actually be capable hands to lighten my home-making burden. I mean honestly, Carolyn could home-make something so much fancier than I could anyway. So I am contemplating what exactly is a reasonable chore for little hands, whether it could teach some valuable work ethic, and if my kids are going to be messed up if I make them sort the laundry or clear the table? [the pose above was of their own accord, they'll graduate to floor scrubbing in a few years yet]. I also want to dabble in the 'allowance' concept {gasp}. This child raising bit ain't easy.

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Ross Christopher said...

i know what you mean. personally, i think cora will be ready to mow this spring!