Thursday, February 26, 2009

It was February, there was a brand new baby Julia at our hourse, and Carolyn (just a tiny two-years-old) was getting restless. We decided to drive through the snow to Chucky-Cheese and let her run off some steam. As we pulled in the parking lot it appeared every other parent in the Kansas City metro area had the same thought. So we pulled away and decided on Playdoh instead. I ran into Toys R Us, snagged a packet of guaranteed-to-break-the-winter-blues-doh and headed down the snowy trail. C and B sat making animals for over an hour. J cuddled her mama...just like now, only she fit in one arm rather than two full arms and some legs for support. When the camera came out the faces started. With just two tiny years under her belt, C was already cracking us up with her drama - I love that kid.

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