Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I'm an ACTOR" she proclaimed as she skipped through the office at half past four. "Oh my, I've GOT to find something to wear!" Apparently her leggings and striped hoodie would not do the trick for a career debut in 3-5 year old acting class. In just a few minutes she returned with her favorite pink twirly dress, a treasure hunt find from the local antique mall (remember here), tights, patent leather shoes, a necklace, tiara and red bow. Shortly she was decked out and ready to go.
As we drove up to Starlight her eyes were wide and ready to hop on stage if necessary. We walked into the class of four other mini-people with likewise busy feet and happy smiles. A little girl rushed over, introduced herself and quickly offered her bracelet because "Oh it would look SO good with your beautiful dress"...and I knew she was with her own kind - sweet, happy and full of drama - she was right at home. She turned to me, blew an always-dramatic but totally heartfelt kiss and quick wave before she skipped off with her new BFF.
When it was all done, she got in the car asked "When do I go back!?!"


Rachel said...

that's so sweet . . . maybe this is her calling . . . maybe someday she will "play" a cheerleader ;-)

Julie said...

i love this post... i even read it to sam because i loved it so much. and i think you are fantastic :)