Thursday, March 13, 2008

C and K went on a TREASURE HUNT tonight
at our local antique mall.
C found the darndest items to inquire about.
AT LAST she found her first treasure...
A 'PRINCESS' DRESS (what else!?!)
She tried on a veil as we continued to wander
and search for her second treasuer,
a "Biolin" which we did not find,
but she was sure that if we did
Daddy would love it and play it at church!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i think daddy would play a MEAN biolin at church. he would stand up on the stage and play his heart out. maybe some mozart or brahms. but no matter what he played, the crowd would clap so much because he played the biolin so well and beautifully.

and i bet that if he really practices up, he could get a fancy suit to perform in. maybe even a tuxedo with tails. i love some tails. mmmmm.

thats what i think.