Friday, January 2, 2009

Driving to work, listening to the doom-and-gloom that is the morning news lately, I again was reminded that I have much to be grateful for. Though my 'part-time' status is slowly eeking its way to 'full-time', I am really *finally* finding my footing in the world of engineering. On Tuesday I was given a promotion to a position I thought wouldn't come for two years, and the added responsibility of swimming in spreadsheets all day has me looking forward to Monday - I know, NERD alert. I am grateful for a husband willing to take on another day of childcare as he continues to build steam with his own business. I am grateful for in-laws willing to love-on my kidlets two days and countless nights a week. I am grateful for the education my parents ensured I would receive. I am grateful for an upcoming trip to Disney that has given me something to look forward to for some very long months. Thanks God, you're behind it all, in it all, and always laying the groundword for what is yet to come.

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