Thursday, December 18, 2008

When the weather says 'freezing fog' you can guarantee two things:
1) The lighting is less-than-suitable
to capture a pretty picture of the perfect paper wreath
{look for more paper wreaths in my future, with more photos, too}
2) The crafting will be in full-swing to combat the cabin fever
Tonight it was a gingerbread house at Grandma Caryl's house.
Grandma Caryl is not only teaching the girls how to make
'9-Times-Out-of-10-Successful' crafts,
she is teaching me the value of reading directions and taking one's time.

[pardon the camera phone image, I could't wait to share,
and the weather was in no mood to cooperate...
come back sun!!!]


Amy said...

That wreath is beautiful! And I love the gingerbread house.

Anna said...

sister that is way impressive! :) way to represent!