Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm a bit neurotic {you think?} so reading C Jane's post about her sister's request for no plastic, no teenage pop singers and no exploited super heros for her kids for Christmas had me laughing out loud {some would say LOL, I wouldn't, it's not my thing}.
I, too, am resisting the Hannah Montana craze that surrounds my girls. I've gone so far as to tell C that I don't like Hannah Montana, only to fret for days about how I may have damaged her young psyche. So out of my guilt I bought her a Hannah Montana lolipop (guitar shaped, hey it insprires great music) as a 'treat' - which she promptly threw in the trash professing, "I don't like it! Hannah Montana is not good, right Mommy!?!"
Now I've confused the poor child and I am potentially raising a fundamentalist teenage pop-biggot. Good thing there are microphones, pink wigs and plenty of plastic awaiting her under the tree, she'll be good-as-commercialized in no time.

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R&K said...

some bigotry is fine for the soul...its okay to be anti _____, for example:

1. obsession of any sort
2. Jonas Brothers
3. American Idol
4. Terrorism
5. Joel Osteen
6. adults that think its still okay to be in Martial Arts
7. sweatpants
8. guys wearing tight girly jeans
9. Al Franken
10. Dungeons & Dragons