Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aren't her little hands sweet holding her doll? And isn't it precious the way her arm is tucked under her head, to get the best view of 'Frosty'? And can you believe she'll be two years old on Sunday? And don't you just want to scoop her up and snuggle in close to her neck with kisses and loves? And just in case you do, beware, she threw up four times today and has not yet been bathed {don't say I didn't warn you}
And how about this dynamic duo? Can you believe she still puts that stinky blanket in her mouth? And do you think we might want to attribute her insane immunity to said blanket? And don't you just love the way her eyes are opened wide for her first viewing ever of Frosty? And isn't her Daddy handsome? And aren't you glad it's Christmas!?!

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