Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is it with emotions?
I myself am not a big crier, but with the passing of my Grandma I have shed more than a few tears in the last two weeks. I found myself, at times throughout the hospital stay, sobbing into the arms of my family like a small child.

And then I see my own small children sobbing... daily. And I am now perplexed by this, because I'm thinking - 'How bad can it be!?!' It took the tremendously painful and unexpected loss of my grandma to evoke sobs from my gut - and yet similarly hysterical sobs can erupt out of Julia because she was given water, rather than juice in her sippy cup! And just this morning Carolyn called me at work to sob that she 'hates her school...and she doesn't even like Princesses anymore!' Is life really that bad by age four!?!
Every ounce of motherliness in me knows that these are my sweet girls, full of raw, immature emotion and it is beautiful that they are so vulnerable. And part of me is thinking, 'Grown-ups are the ones who should be sobbing, we know the pain that is out in the world - and a three-hour stint in a happy, friendly preschool ain't pain honey!'