Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wake family whenever I feel like it (today it was 8:30, thus the rush to get C out the door for school)

Fetch my 'diap-' for 'Mama' when asked, then run in circles around 'Mama' as she tries to catch me to get me dressed for the day

Make my daily request of 'cup' until the applejuice is delivered, cold just like I like it

Eat dry cereal with raisins and sunflower seeds as I look out the window on the way to 'Care-care's' school - contemplate life and holler 'ON' when my CD is suddenly shut off

Ride with Mom to the Plaza to find some work clothes, smile approvingly of all of her selections so long as I too can try something on...how about her SHOES!!!

Contemplate headless manequin while Mom checks out...baffling

Head to grocery store, act fussy so Mom will promise a treat - SUCCESS

Select organic cheese crackers as my 'treat', lame in hind-sight, but my choices were limited.

Doze off on the way to pick up Carolyn, wake up for the pick-up, can't miss this glimpse of real "SCHOOL!"

Back at home, refuse to nap, opting instead to play peek-a-boo with an unwilling Mommy, Mom finally concedes to the naplessness and says 'Let's go to the store'

Ride through three stores, and about forty aisles as Mom hunts for various odds-and-ends to several different projects she's got brewing in her head

Crash hard on the drive home, its a blur after this point until dinner

Am disgusted with the roast, carrots and potatoes that Mom plops in front of me

Devour my Halloween cupcake, request more icing...TWICE

Bid Mommy fairwell as she heads to a meeting, hanging with Daddy is fun

Daddy promises to take my picture when I request "CHEESE!?!", this is what he gets. [Mommy is baffled when it arrives on her cell phone minutes later]

After a day like this, I'm beat.

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