Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tonight the girls selected their birthday cakes from THE CAKE BOOK, the book that has beckoned them to the HyVee bakery weekly for the past three months. The Elmo cake, Barbie cake and Cars cake catch their eye - but in the end it is The Princess Castle complete with all seven princesses that C selects. For J, the Little Mermaid sheetcake.

As for the gifts [as many of you have inquired]...
C would love, love, love {Princess Dress/ Twirly Dress/ Any Dress} {Books/ Puzzles/ Games} {Barbies/ Accessories} {Tights/ Lipstick/ Necklace/ Bracelet/ Hats/ All things Pretty} {Children's DVDs on dancing and or singing} {Artsy stuff/ paint/ paint brushes/ stickers/ paper} {Canopy that hangs over her bed, like this one} {Shoes, size 8} {Clothes, size 3T}
J would love, love, love {Baby dolls/ Baby bottles/ Baby clothes} {Disney's Snow White/ Aladin/ Beauty and the Beast/ Tinkerbell} {Shoes/ Shoes/ Shoes!, size 7} {Dresses/ Clothes, size 2T} {Elmo videos/ Music CDs for car and bedtime} {Books/ Puzzles} {Hats/ Barretts} {Fake food for her kitchen}

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