Friday, October 10, 2008

C: Mommy!?! Do you know what a scaredy cat is!?!
K: Someone who's really scared of something?
C: Yeah! I'm a scaredy cat

K: Daddy's scared of spiders, he's a scaredy cat!
C: Daddy! You're a scaredy cat
B: [not amused] Ha ha
K: Jules, are you a scaredy cat?
J: [not amused either] Yeah - meow
[priceless J - totally priceless]

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R&K said...

dude, you are SUCH a scaredy cat. what did we say about that? never let your kids know you're scared of anything! and then some day, all of a sudden like, you can be like, "OH MY GOSH...LOOK OUT...I'M SOOOOO SCARED OF THAT!!!!!" and then your kids will be afraid of that too for forever. but its important to make "that" be something that's not scary at all, like butterflies, or shadows, or the sun. in this one act of terror you can ruin your kid forever. and that's worth at least a few good laughs.

just my 2 cents.