Sunday, September 7, 2008

This weekend, among zoo safaris and family parties I was feeling kinda crafty. A few of my ideas turned out to be a bust (in particular the Martha no-knit-scarf was a horrendous disaster) but my decision to indulge C and her long-time-wish of making a birdhouse was actually a lot of fun. We bought $1.99 bird houses at JoAnns {different one for each of us} and then sat around the table painting and talking {and one of us rubbed non-washable paint all over her hair, bare stomach, and anything else in close proximity, but I won't name names}. I love watching Carolyn do art projects, she's very intentional and thoughtful, all the while rattling off dozens of questions completely unrelated to the task-at-hand. The girls were excited with the final products and did not understand why the birds were not flocking to the (empty) houses!


R&K said...

brandon's birdhouse looks gay.

Anna said...

it was brandon, wasn't it!