Sunday, September 28, 2008

My new bling {bird necklace} arrived in the mail yesterday,
and today I am sportin' it proudly, just wearing it makes me happy...

some other things that make me happy today....
the first apple cobbler of fall
our CSA gave us a bunch of spotted apples this week,
which is a consequence of pesticide-free farming and I get that,
but neither my girls nor myself (and surely not B)
can stomach staring at worm holes and brown spots
while consuming our fruit - thus the cobbler...
My cobbler recipe is a three step process -
1) cook the cut up and heavily seasoned fruit for 10 minutes
2)cover in a yummy dough and bake for another 20 minutes
3) top with powdered sugar and enjoy...
it's pretty much brown sugar with a little bit of apple and dough
I also wrapped up my fabric squares for Threads of Love -
a women in Arizona is creating four quilts for Stephanie Nielson's four kidlets
all from fabric squares people are sending her from around the world.
I especially loved the States fabric that we fussy-cut for
Utah {where the kids are living with their relatives for the time-being} and
Arizona {where Stephanie and Christian are recovering and where their home is}

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