Saturday, September 13, 2008

My sweet friend, Brooks (see above with her adorable kidlets and incredibly huge but loveable dog), reading about the recent dairy-free dilemma here at Schultz Party of Four, recommended the Vegan Lunch Box blog. I was grateful to read of several product recommendations by this vegan-mama, as well as some 'yeah, not-so-much'. This saves us from unwasted dollars on things like Soy-Yogurt (both C and J were not so thrilled). Some of the highlights she mentioned:
Not only her review, but every review I found online raved about these vegan 'cheese' crackers. A must-have for my little C who loves fish crackers, Cheezits and all things cheesy.

She also reviewed several non-milk yogurts, admitting that yogurt is a tough-one to replicate sans moo-juice. She had very good things to say about this coconut milk yogurt - which I hope I can find somewhere, as this has good amounts of vitamin C and the girls love yogurt!

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Rachel said...

awesome, I'm trying to cut out animal products too, i'm having a hard time with cheese though, I'll have to try the crackers! Thanks!