Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tonight as I was combing out J's hair, I realized that much of the fuzz problem has to do with the length to which it has grown. When wet, all combed out, it was about six inches off her neck. Considering that throughout the day it gathers up into one big matted mess, we opted to break out the Fiskars and cut off all the stringiness [that is quite literal, all we could find was Carolyn's school scissors...stay tuned for next weeks post when Carolyn cuts her own, Julias or her My Size Barbie's hair after witnessing this poorly thought-out plan]. I am anxious to see it tomorrow, all dry and *hopefully* curly. At the very least she won't look like a ragamuffin, though the 'boy' comments might start back up.
B went to grab the camera to capture Julia's new hair-do (seriously it looks cute, I think I'll do C's tomorrow [I kid, I kid]! This is why it is fun to be the mom!) He convinced C to show him all of her faces. She's got a lot of 'em!
And then he got this great shot of Miles, whom I am generally not thrilled with blogging about - let alone having around my house in general. But this one makes him look pretty angelic.

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