Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One of the ladies I work with is staying in her sister's amazing condo overlooking the Plaza for a few weeks while her house is being remodeled. She invited me and my coworkers over for drinks after work tonight and I was blown away that places like this actually exist, in Kansas City no less. The condo was gorgeous, the views were amazing, but I was most taken with all of the original artwork they had throughout. I'm sure many of the pieces cost more than most suburban homes.
I absolutely connected with one piece in particular. It is a painting of a Japanese women in a simple red top and apron. There is a bird on her left shoulder (see the bird thing, I am drawn to birds for some reason). I was instantly drawn to this piece, like the women was right there and I could just stand and talk to her. I have never felt so moved by a piece of art before. Of course it was an original, and I'm pretty sure doesn't have it in their repetoire. Ugh.

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Rachel said...

That painting reminds me of one in the Kemper, might be the same artist . . . check it out.$24