Monday, August 11, 2008

Friday's (er...Monday's) Fond Memory
high school graduation
Yes, it would have made more sense to have posted this sometime in May, however my garage purge this weekend resulted in me running across my scrapbook from my senior year, and therefore recollecting all of the 'fun' that was 1999. These pictures kind of make me smile, and kind of make me wonder 'what was I thinking!?!' about many things really. If I could do it all over again, ten years later, I certainly would have done some things differently - most importantly a much more flattering prom dress ~ sheesh. I would have spent less time worrying about what others were thinking, especially boys. I would have been a better friend. And I would have thought long-and-hard about what I really wanted to be when I grew up (and therefore avoiding four changes of major in college). But it isn't all regrets. I'm glad I studied my brains out like the huge nerd that I am. And I am so glad that I was boy crazy enough to notice the shy redheaded boy on the soccer field. {If you want to see the unflattering prom dress, my goofy friends, and a terrific picture of Ross and Brandon being themselves, click here.}

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Ross and Kate said...

uhh, thanks for that...not sure who picked the shirt out, or that hair, or that amazing lack of tan. wow, i certainly could have done without that little taste of the past...