Monday, August 18, 2008

And in the categories of strange dreams...I've had this reoccuring dream for about four months, and I thought it was kind of odd, until today my cube-mate came in and explained a nearly identical dream. In further online research I learned that this disturbing dream is incredibly common as several chat-boards and websites listed eerily similar details. So here's the dream, feel free to provide your own analysis:

I am in a large, unfriendly building. It is generally associated with a pool in some way (an indoor pool has been present in all of the dreams I can remember). As I go in search of the restroom, I find it to be a large cavernous room, very dark and dingy. I look around and it is totally filthy, wet wads of toilet paper, and other unmentionables making the facilities unusable. The stalls are usually without doors, or the doors are broken. I do not have an urgency to use the facilities, but I am always very upset that it is so disgusting. Analyze that for me, ok?

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