Monday, July 28, 2008

Poor Jules had a rough day today. As she was giving her sister her 'nigh-nigh' pep talk before nap time, Carolyn decided she'd like Jules to join her for her nap. In an attempt to lift her up on the bed, Carolyn pulled on Julia's little arm and from the hallway her Grandma heard a loud scream and then sobbing. After Carolyn was down for her nap, Grandma Caryl tried to rock J to sleep, but she kept craddling her arm and crying 'Owe, owe'. Brandon went to observe the patient and called me at work to tell me we should probably call the doctor. I met him in the parking lot of the doctor's office, and as soon as I went to unbuckle her carseat she started to sob and say 'owe' again. Luckily our doctor is amazing and met us as soon as we came in the door. In a matter of seconds he had worked her elbow back into place and she was happy as a clam, sucker in one hand and baby doll firmly in the other. We were glad it was so simple, and that there was no crunching of bones and joints involved because one of us might have lost it {brandon}.


Ross and Kate said...

just how happy are clams?

Rachel said...

aw poor Jules, I'm glad she is ok!