Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
Our Honeymoon
Since last Saturday was our five-year-anniversary, that means that five years ago tonight we were enjoying the last night of our cruise to the eastern Carribean, the last night of our very wonderful honeymoon. While the events leading up to the cruise were exciting (and frightening, as we forgot the camera back in Lawrence, realized it about one-in-the-morning and drove the two hours from the hotel to my parent's house and back - all the while we were both dozing like's a miracle we even survived the first twenty-four house, let alone the next five years!) Nevertheless, the moment we stepped on the cruise liner, we were able to relax. Our wedding had followed my senior year in college by only a few months. I had been wound tighter-than-a-top, and this was the moment when I could let out a huge exhale and just 'be'. With no access to phones, and only very expensive Internet access, we were alone in this little world, and it was wonderful. For those of you who have never been on a cruise, it is incredible. We spent our days playing ping-pong on the deck overlooking the ocean. We watched the sunset together every night. We even got in games of mini-golf on the upper deck. The boat stopped at beautiful beaches, we saw St. Martin, St. Thomas and St. Johns. Mostly we slept - and ate. By far the food is a highlight not soon forgotten. Before the boat had even departed the dock we had scoped out the buffet. The dinners were amazing, and if you liked your entree or your potatoes or your dessert, they would bring you more - and more - and more. Needless to say we both would agree it was the best vacation either of us have ever been on. Someday we would love to go back - to get away from it all.

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