Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bedtime is sacred at our house. Here are the reading selections that have become favorites, by the time these are both complete we are all dozing off to dreamland...
Time for Bed by Mem Fox has got to be one of my very favorite children's books. The illustrations are gorgeous, I want to take the book to be framed, but I can't decide which page is my favorite. Every page is a different mother animal putting her baby animal to sleep. The first page reads, "It's time for bed little mouse, little mouse / Darkness is falling all over the house". My favorite line goes "It's time for bed little calf, little calf / What happened today that made you laugh?"

This very boring-looking book has been a HUGE hit with both C and J. On our trip to Vancouver we read this book probably 50 times to C on the plane, over-and-over-and-over. Now it is J's favorite bedtime story, a must have unless we want to listen to repeated iterations of 'Baby!?!' 'Baby!?!' 'Baby!?!' The book has photos of real babies from the early 80's with a single word on each page. "Bath" "Towel" "Storybook", etc. Carolyn has read it so many times, and knows how to sound out the first letter well enough that she can read it to J, and that is a beautiful thing.

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Anna said...

i always want to frame pictures out of kids books! we must be sisters or something-- HA. (chalk one up to the lame joke board...)