Sunday, July 6, 2008

All of a sudden J has kind of become a 'Daddy's Girl',
she is running to him and wanting him to cuddle her - AT LAST!!!
This is good, particularly this weekend as we were dealing with our first-ever case of pink eye. If you don't know the signs, it started with her waking up with one eye matted shut. The eye itself was not terribly pink, but all around her eye was red and a little swollen. We took her to the Walgreens clinic (after a preliminary diagnosis of pink-eye from Aunt Jill), as it was a Saturday morning, and they confirmed Jill's diagnoses. The treatment is simply some eye drops several times a day and she is already good as new. The bad news is that anything she touches needs to be washed, as it's highly contagious. So all of our sheets/towels/etc. got a good washing this weekend (which is probably really good news, since I'm sure they needed it).

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