Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Activity of the evening...MAKEUP
I spent the evening with my best friend since seventh grade, Jennifer. My sweet husband watched the girls and sent me this on my phone. Apparently while Jennifer and I were discussing the weight of the world, my girls were having their first makeup lesson. I would say it's too bad I wasn't there to help, but let's be honest, I could probably learn a thing-or-two from them!
Speaking of teaching, C decided that her first two career choices of a) being a doctor who gets babies out of tummies and b) a mommy - are both not a good fit. Rather she has decided to be a teacher (see exhibit A above). Before I left tonight she and J were sitting in the hallway looking at an alphabet book:
C: This is "A", can you say "A"?
J: "A"
C: [with her face lit up like the Griswold's house on Christmas] MOMMY!?! Did you hear that!?! She said "A", I teached her "A"!!!

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