Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
Trip to Vancouver

Reminiscing about our family photos from days of yore I fondly remembered our trip to Vancouver, were we took our 2005 family shot. We (back when we were three, B, K and C) traveled to Vancouver in early July of 2005 for our sweet friends, Courtney and Nicole's wedding. This was Carolyn's first international trip, and both B and my first times in the northwest. It was incredible. Vancouver is incredibly beautiful, and of course it was fabulous to see our friends from college. The wedding was unlike any I'd ever seen, with only about 40 total people in attendance, it was held right by the ocean on the pier (I say pier because I'm not from ocean-ish places, it was near where the boats docked, so I guess it was pier-like), it was beautiful and intimate and fantastic. Carolyn had just learned to crawl, so she was antsy to get down and gather mileage on her knees, and the photographers caught several adorable shots of her being cute. During our few days stay, C got more than a dozen comments that were far more than 'oh, cute baby'. People would come across a restaurant to say "We just had to come over and tell you that your baby is incredibly beautiful". This happened on the streets, in stores, in restaurants, pretty much everywhere we went. While C got this quite a bit in the states, it was nothing like Canada...I love Canada. It was our first vacation as a 'family', and I will remember it forever as being a beautiful time together. [We took tons of fun photos in Vancouver, you can see them by clicking here].

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