Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
the first nursery
It is one of the most fun things you do in preparation of your first baby, preparing the nursery. By the second baby the nursery has lost its luster, as you realize that the baby really doesn't care, nor use it all that often in a lot of cases. Visions of the baby cooing and happily stacking blocks as it sits adorably in the center of the immaculate room are actually just illusions, like a mirage in the desert. But that doesn't make the preparation any less meaninful in your memory. This was C's nursery. We had our wonderful house in Lawrence (I still love that house and wish we could have tranplanted it to Kansas City) and we chose the secluded back bedroom for our new baby's nursery. Brandon laid out the room in AutoCAD to plan the exact placement of the wide blue stripes. His mom made the bedding, which was gorgeous, and I loved it. We sad night-after-night contemplating furniture placement, assembling the crib, gingerly folding sweet tiny clothes. When we sold our house in Lawrence the only room I cried over was the nursery, it really was perfect in that moment for us, and it was so hard to leave it. So why am I recollecting this time for you? Well, this weekend we are dismanteling the crib, presumably for good as we're thinking we're all through with having kidlets, and since J never once spent the night in it - it shouldn't be too big of an emotional event...but it does make me a little sad. I guess I should be grateful that the girls are growing, they are healthy and fun and beautiful and many people never even get the chance to watch their little ones grow. I just wish that I could freeze time today, because I know these moments are flying by, and they are so precious.

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