Sunday, May 4, 2008

I had a very sad girl moment today with C at the zoo.
[boys may not think this story is that sad, but girls will totally get it]

C and I were invited to the zoo with my friend and her daughters, there were five girls in all ages 9,7,5,5 and C at 3. Now, I must say these girls are incredibly sweet and did not mean
for this story to go so south.
At the Africa exhibit there are several places to climb rocks and explore. The big girls led the way over a pile of rocks that were surrounded by rough and prickily foliage. It was a trecherous path but these girls are much older (and bigger) than C. She wanted desperately to be part of the pack, so she followed close behind.
As they all jumped from the last rock in the row, they ran off to the next fun thing, but as C went to jump and follow she tripped and landed very painfully in a ton of thorny branches and brush. I ran over and scooped her up. She was sobbing, but not because she was physically hurt (though she was a little). She sobbed and sobbed...and sobbed... from deep in her soul (no exaggeration) "They left me! I looked for them and they left me!"
[Again I give you the disclaimer that these little girls did not intentionally do this at all, they simply ran off assuming she was right behind. Please don't misunderstand me on that.]
It was heartwrenching though, because I realized how sensitive C is. I can only imagine that there will be lots of times that we will have to comfort her when friends do mean things, but next time it might be on purpose, because unfortunately girls can be that way.

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