Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
are we still this cool???
When viewing a photo like this one of me, my brother and little sister, I have to wonder, are we still this cool? And more importantly, why did we immortalize this moment forever by capturing it on film? Seriosuly, the tight-roll jeans, Keds, overalls, my awesome bangs, we were bound for the cover of TEEN! I love how seriously my brother looks in his karate outfit, clearly fresh off the rack given the white belt - which is cool, because he went on to get a lot further than that, so he was proud and ready to go get 'em. Emily's got the whole Karate Kid action going on, and I honestly can't hardly get past my outfit to self-mock the incredibly dorky pose I'm sporting. What I love about siblings, is no matter how grown-up and normal you become, they still remember this moment. They know you once were a total nerdy-terdy, tight-roll wearin', New Kids on the Block obsessed, snarly toothed 12 year old...and they love you more than anyone else who knows the new and improved you because of it. Geez I love these guys. Seriously, I've got some of the best siblings money could buy, and not because they're perfect, but becaused we are so imperfect together.

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