Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday's Fond Memory
Happy Birthday Mom

This totally adorable little girl, who looks strikingly similar to my sister's daughter Natalie, is actually my mom back in 1959. On Sunday she turns 50 and I have to say that she has certainly had an excitement-filled first fifty years. The oldest of four, she and my aunt can break out into pee-your-pants laughter about shinanigans of their youth. She met my dad in first grade and even has a Valentine he sent her that year. They became sweethearts in eighth grade and never looked back. She became a nurse after high school and then had me and three other maniacs. She's had her fair share of tragedy with a head-on-collision with a semi-truck, my brother's bone tumor, her brain tumor, and a few other bumps along the way. Her birthday marks a major milestone in her life, but I am hopeful that it also marks the beginning of happy days filled with less drama and tragedy, and more pee-your-pants moments...and that's pretty much a guarantee at this age, right mom!?! I love you!

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