Thursday, November 1, 2007

J has been teething for weeks now, not fun.
Last night she was in bed by 9 (a little late, but it was Halloween)
She awoke around 10 thanks to a stellar fit courtesy of C,
she awoke at 12:30 for unknown reason,
she awoke at 2:30 for unknown reason,
she awoke at 5AM for unknown reason but this time

I thought dirty diaper?
I thought thirst?
I thought teething?
but no remedy soothed her until...
In a moment of desperation (I'll try anything at this point)
I ran downstairs, screaming child on hip
and threw some Cheerios in a bowl.
I guess I had overlooked the (obvious!?!) HUNGER
Wow, I amaze myself sometimes.

Good morning world,
and Thank you Mr. Cheerio, wherever you are!

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Nikki said...

i think we have the same comfy from bed, bath and beyond